The Surveyors Institute of Malawi was established with the the following Objectives:

firstly, The Surveyors Institute of Malawi was established with an aim to secure the advancement of, and to facilitate, the acquisition of that knowledge which constitutes the profession of a Surveyor.
Secondly, was to promote the general interests of the profession, and to maintain and extend its usefulness for the public advantage.

lastlyThe Institution also tries to establish and maintain good relations with other professional bodies in Malawi, to establish links with similar bodies in other countries and to join and support any international bodies concerned with the work of the profession.

Our Responsibilities

The body always ensures of the following responsiblity

Property Valuation

The valuation of all descriptions of land, developments thereon, the various interests..

Development and Management

The development and management of estates in landed property.


The measurements, planning, development, utilization, conservation and monitoring of...

Tender Preparations

The preparation of tender documents, evaluation reports, contract documents..

Site Mapping

The measurement and mapping of physical features and mineral contents of the earth.